here, where, there, getting some time and space to do

an analysis: ‘différance’,

or rather,

analyses: ‘différance’,

as a sort of ‘différance’ plays here too, to defer a little bit, some differences you could view and review here, and there, where a service of analysis is being-offered, let it be here, where, as if it would be possible, to do analysis, or rather, remains already always a reminder of being deferred,  without producing much differences,


here, where, there;

there is, some way this act to do analysis, in heterogeneous times and spaces, being-offered, out of necessity, as a necessary act, ‘to have’, ‘to be’, ‘to live’, a life, as thought and talked  in terms of ‘well being in general’,  as you can see, read, and perhaps would like to think, there are other ways, of thinking, living, experiencing,  a life that is supposed to be of your-own, you your-self has to decide and contact, if you think an analysis, perhaps makes a différance in your life, and your well being in general, soon, there have ‘to come’, ‘à venir’ so many other ways of thinking, that yet not to be thought, lived, worked through, still would have to think, to live, and to work otherwise, this bit of offer, is here, where, there, you are viewing and reviewing it; is it  have any relevance, any relation, any appeal, any way a consideration for you to contact, that is up to you, meanwhile, before deferring this session, this opening on-line, it have to be added, Jacques Derrida’s  strategic intervention of différance, among many others like some of those whose ‘images’ and ‘works’ graphically presented here, as  links, being-linked, as pointers, to ‘look at’, with all the problematic, problématique, referred with, referred to, referred of, referred from analysis, and terms in which it is being thought, lived, worked through, and still it is a way of thinking, living, and working, schematically and quickly, condensed

here,  where, there:

as analysands-analyses-analysts,

as a schema, at the same time, some practices and theories, perhaps theo-practices, that organize and make it possible to offer, a service of analysis, an interminable activity, an impossible act, still on offer, as an offer,  as you know perhaps, already, for some time, at many places, at many spaces, as you yourself can surf it, visit it, or perhaps want to contact some, as if you follows the links, there are so many ‘archi-traces’ of it, you can find your-self, on this site, or on other sites, that anchors this offer of a service of an analysis in complex ‘traditions’, that is being in debate from it’s origin, and in it’s iterny, perhaps it is some way, a way to debate too, that you can read there, this economic offering, an opening, here, there, where you see it, coming to gather, together, a sort of ‘co-extensive becoming’, some names that perhaps seems  diverging away, partially , in part they differ, and  a sort of critique of, to,  from, one-another,  each-other, so on, and there are certain ways that they converges, that links them together here, where, there, an  intervention of différance, to différance, from différance, is a way to think, to live, to see, to do  analyses; as an offer, an opening of, to, from analysis, that you may like to know, experience a bit….

just let ’me’ pass here, for a while, ‘to come’ back again, an-other time, to add some thing more, something else, too, from other, to other, of some way other that others, this othering, or these otherings, if it could be some way of being to be, to live, to write, to analyze, to think, to work through, economically, ‘alterity’, ‘iterablity’, so on,…

let to be, to differ, ‘think otherwise’, ‘différance’, let me defer a bit too, ‘to come’ to ‘you’, again, here, where, there, if you would like to have, to contact, to link, to visit, a session,

so on, …