As you may know that an analysand named Anna O called analysis talking cure’


‘La folie, l'absence d'œuvre’

‘Beyond Good & Evil’

‘The Function of the orgasm’

Banality of the Evil’

‘Part object’

'The Myth of Mental Illness’

‘The Politics of the Experience’


‘Logique du signe’







Thomas Szasz.iter.jpg


Félix Guattari.iter.jpg


Jacques Derrida

Mitchel Foucault

Friedrich Nietzsche

Wilhelm Reich

Hannah Arendt 

Melanie Klein

Thomas Szasz

Ronald Laing 

Félix Guattari 

Gilles Deleuze 



Do you think, you have a problem,


analysis sessions,

as analysand-analysis-analyst relationships!,

could make a difference,

would you like to take a chance,

contact here, or-and

(off-line analysis is only accessible in Lahore)

Only you yourself would decide and contact, not your relatives, if you like

an analysis: ‘différance’


Beyond The Pleasure Principle

Jacques Lacan.iter.gif

Jacques Lacan


Sigmund Freud

Salvador Dali's painting 'Metamorphosis of Narcissus, 1937'.iter.jpg

Salvador Dali's Metamorphosis of Narcissus, 1937 


‘Je est un autre.' (Arthur Rimbaud,1871)

‘I wonder, if one could think otherwise’ (Michel Foucault,1977)


Freud’s analyst Chair and Analysand’s couch


About citations, citablity, iterablity, analysis in particular and a bit more perhaps you would find there, where, here, web webs someway a ‘différance’, a place , in spaces, where,

you can view and review what is ‘working through’, there, as an offer of a service of analysis sessions, and

if you like to have off-line analysis sessions then

contact through email

perhaps, an other, subject supposed to be, a ‘being-in-itself’, an analyst, as well as, analysand, alternatively, or-and, simultaneously, could be there, with a service of

an analysis: ‘différance’…

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