‘Talking Cure’


problématique analysand-analysis-analyst


il n'y a pas un rapport d’analyse…


Anna O or-and Bertha Pappenheim


It is neither ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ nor Discours de Rome’,

perhaps just une ‘graffitesque’,

from where and when, Freud “introduces the term ‘pschoanalysis’” to Derrida’s ‘Resistances of Psychoanlysis’, there is more or less a century of discourses and practices that claimed to be  someway part of that ‘traditions’ Lacan called  ‘Freudian’, its histoires, itinera as well as iterablity, is without doubt very complex  and touched upon so many spaces in different times and places, from ‘classic’ ‘private’ spaces of analysis sessions to ‘public’ spaces  of ‘institutional’ sessions of analysis, to intricate itineraries of appropriations ‘within’ different ‘disciplines’ from  ‘critical theory’  to ‘cultural studies’, ‘as you may know’ there are some ‘graphics’ that links out there, in ‘cyber-spaces’-‘such as’-‘public spheres’, that could give you the polysemous deployment of analysis in different spaces and times, though that could not be thought to consummate in every sense that had been, could be, would have been, said and done in the name of analysis, but it could give some sense of departure to thinking  through and working though a problématique analysand-analysis-analyst, as you can view, re-view, or rather critique an offer of analysis sessions, on-line, that have a possibility of accessibility of an-other offer of off-line analysis sessions, if you would like to have it, or like to know a little bit more about specificities of an offer of analysis session or ‘analysand-analyst’ who supposed to be part of an act of analysis sessions, you can ‘contact’; on the other hand, a ‘Freudian centaury’, if that could be an appropriate name even if it isn’t the only one of twentieth centaury, could be divided in two halves with two, proper!, names, of ‘Anna O’-‘Freud’ and ‘Derrida’ as figure to schematically  condensed a centaury, as a problématique analysand-analysis-analyst, soon here would be more ‘graphics’ to thinking through and ‘working through’ of ‘it’…

and ‘what is’

there, where, here

do you think ...